Rice Fruit Company KIKU

KIKU apple gift box

A box of exotic KIKU® apples with a super-sweet taste and juicy crunch shipped right to your door. Of note: This item is slightly smaller than our previously offered KIKU® gift box. It has 14 apples instead of 20.

Single layer box / 7.5lbs of fruit. 14 apples.

Limited quantity: This product will ship until the entire crop is sold.

Shipping Method: All apples are shipped UPS ground and shipping costs are added at checkout. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to Arizona, California, Hawaii, or PO boxes.

Shipping status: Due to limited production over the holidays, we will be shipping inconsistently. Orders placed in 2018 may not ship until the beginning of January 2019. You will receive shipping confirmation when your order is mailed.

Gift note: If this purchase is a gift, please include your message to the gift recipient as a note to the seller during the check out process.  We'll include your message in the gift box.